Breath Enough
by Vivian Teter

What a painfully beautiful book this is: poems tenaciously disciplined in form yet wrought from the sorrow of a sister’s loss to brain cancer. Breath Enough is the perfect title for this collection, for never does Teter get sentimental. She leaves us instead with just enough breath, just enough, with these poems that are in Yeats’ words, “cold and passionate as the dawn.”

— Bruce Guernsey, author of From Rain: Poems, 1970-2010

Breath Enough transforms, as poets will, loss into song, but this poet gives the reader something more, something greater: a book of courage and consolation. Like life, like love, Vivian Teter’s poetry is both immanent and transcendent:  “everywhere and at once you draw near / your skin of finest petals gathered / shimmering upward, wind-borne, stunning.”

— Richard Jones, author of The Blessing and Editor of Poetry East